These are our normal cafe opening hours, where you cam expect pug owners and pug lovers to turn up and socialize! Pugs & Pals will be running a usual cafe service, consisting of refreshments, bakery options, cocktails, as well as dog treat options!

​Event Types 

Pug Cafe











Pugs & Cocktails 










Pugs High Tea 












Pugs & Frenchies 









PUGLOWEEN! Pug/Frenchie Costume Party

Puppy Hour!

Pugs & Cocktails is the perfect warm-up prior to a night out. Wrangle your friends a head up to an hour of dog-themed cocktails and cuddles - Minnesota poodle, Puggchino - and more!

*Mocktail (non-alcoholic) options will also be available

In true British fashion pugs high tea will bring everything that a high-tea session expects. A wide selection of bakery to choose from for all attendees, and a series of tea options - all accompanied by our best friends, the pugs!

Pugs and French Bulldogs are almost late cousins. For the occasion, we are gathering the family together in these two breeds to socialise and have a fun hour of play and treats!

Both french bulldogs and pug owners and lovers are welcome!

Hands up who thinks pugs and frenchies are the best and funniest looking dogs in dog costumes? If you're one of those humans, you're in for a treat! Join us for an afternoon of pugs and frenchies in costumes in a halloween-themed party. All costumes accepted, halloween costumes encouraged! Each our attendees will vote a winner costume/dog that will receive a special prize at the end of the session

Is there anything better in life than Happy Hour? We may have just found it - Puppy Hour! Come around and cuddle up with the youngest, cutest pugs and their pals during this event

*All puppy breeds of 6 months or less are allowed to attend

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