We're hosting a series of pugs events in our own space "Pugs & Pals" in London. Please read below if you have some questions you're hoping to find a response for. If your question is not answered below, send us a short note and we'll get back to you in 48 hours :)

- Pugs & Pals Team

What is Pugs & Pals?

Pugs & Pals is a dog cafe that focuses on offering targeted pug & related breed events to both pug owners and dog lovers. We're opening for a trial on October 25-29 with a series of fun events, and will open indefinitely in the near future.

Where is Pugs & Pals?

We're located in the heart of Bricklane: 

Do I require a booking? Can I just "walk in"?

Health & Safety is a priority for us, so our events are Booking only. We're soon expecting to be fully booked for all of our events, so please book your space in advance! We're currently setting up a smooth booking system, pre-sign up to receive a notification as soon as it's ready, here.

Is there a booking fee?

There is a booking fee and this may vary depending on the event we're hosting, so check out the booking tab when it goes live. For normal opening hours of the cafe, the fee is £5 for pug owners and £10 for pug lovers. Some special events may have a higher booking fee and may include drinks/treats.

How long is my "booking slot"?

All of our bookings are for 1 hour. 

How many people can I book for?

Whether you're a pug owner or a pug lover, we ask you to keep your group to a maximum of 3 people. Please make sure you're not booking a "pug owner" slot when you're a pug lover, and vice-versa. We could make family group booking exceptions for 4 people, please contact us.

Is it a safe and friendly event?

Health and safety is our priority for both humans and pugs during our events. The events are all hosted in an spacious, airy venue in Bricklane. There will be appropriate cooling control for the room and fresh water provided for the pugs throughout. Pugs are breed that can get easily warm and in some instances have breathing problems so we will expect all pug owners to keep a close eye on their furry friends and bring along cooling aids for the occasion. We will do everything necessary for this event to be a comfortable and friendly avenue for both pugs and humans. Pugs&Pals cannot take responsibility of your pug whilst at the venue, it will be the responsibility of the name of the person in the booking.

Guidelines for Pug Owners

If you're bringing along your pug, keep in mind all the following guidelines. Your pug should be:

  • Up to date with vaccination

  • Friendly and social with other dogs/pugs

  • Healthy - not showing signs of any contagious sickness

  • Not suffering or recently suffered from Kennel Cough

By booking a spot in Pugs&Pals you are confirming that you comply with these guidelines. We understand this may be a new experience for you and your dog, and we trust that as an owner you'll take good care and responsibility of your pet and its behavior during the event.

Guidelines for Pug Lovers

Whilst attending the event keep in mind the following

  • Ask for permission to the owners before socialising with the dog

  • Be careful and considerate with the pugs around (no lifting or nasty behavior)

  • If you're bringing your kids, it's the parents responsibility to control their kids behavior around the animals

Breeds allowed

Cross-pugs are allowed, just let us know what kind of cross you have in the booking! Other breeds aren't allowed unless it's a mixed-breed event and indicated in the title or event description. Check out our events

How can I find out who else is attending? 

Join our Facebook Group! And ask awaaay :) We also have a Facebook Page with news and more!

What if I don't get a slot - and it's fully booked?

Sign yourself up to receive notifications here. You will be put in a waitlist and notified if any slots are available. Otherwise, fear not, we will be coming back soon with a more permanent offering for a dog-friendly cafe. With many fun events for pugs and late cousin breeds of pugs! Rememeber to sign yourself up to receive notifications here.

How can I get to the Pugs & Pals Venue?

Check all of the details on nearest tube station, nearby car parks and methods of transportation here.

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