Pugs are a joy - that's undeniable. These little furry friends are able to get a smile from us humans even when we are having the worst of the days!

Pug meet-ups have become a rare sensation in London - gatherings where both pug owners, and often, pug lovers meet to have their pugs socialise, and get lots of treats and cuddles. However these events are scarce, and pugs can get endless love (and treats!). As pug owners and lovers we thought, why not spread the love?

We are opening the first full-time pug cafe in London, in the heart of Bricklane in early 2018 - a space where pug owners and pug lovers can meet and share the love for pugs, coffee, drinks and human and pug-friendly treats!

Our next event, the Pug Le Chateau Christmas party will be taking place in Dec 9-10th in 4th Floor Studios

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